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Time and again, it is a good exercise to self introspect and know what you are doing, where you stand and where you see yourself potentially moving in the future. The idea is to assess and analyse ‘Your Personal Brand’.

I did such an exercise yesterday and the following is what I could come up with.


Bubbling with ideas – I tend to see potential business ideas all around me.

Serious when working – I am a serious guy when it comes to work. However I truly believe that all work and no pay makes one dull and burn out faster.

Motivated through people around – I am a people’s person and need people around me to get the best out of me.

Look for long term solutions – I only believe in looking for long term solutions and projects. The shorter term for me is just an intermediate period which we need to cross to reach the longer term vision.

Take responsibilities – I like taking responsibility.

The smartest should lead – I believe that the smartest person in the room should lead a business and everyone should learn from everyone around.

Can’t see a wrong decision being implemented – I just cannot see a decision being implemented which I believe is detrimental. I believe that the onus should be on the person suggesting this decision to prove clearly how it would be beneficial before proceeding.


Strong startup experience – I have started up a couple of times and feel that the learning I have got from these is amazing and immense.

Bootstrapping experience – Since both my startups were bootstrapped for a long period, I have learnt how to stretch my money to get the maximum return from it.

Managed teams – Maybe not big teams but I have gotten opportunities to manage smaller teams mainly focusing on operations.

Idea Generation & Modeling – I see ideas around me and can build models for converting them into businesses. I have experience of modeling startups in the e-retail and e-advertisement spaces.

Growth hacking – I believe that it is very crucial for every business, no matter what stage, to get the best return on any spending.

Worked across industries – I have experience of working in Hospitality, Education & Retail.


Jack of all trades – This is a problem entrepreneurs face. They tend to be jack of all trades and masters of none. This tends to affect their employability.


Start ups –
Bitequest: scaled well; became market leader; good idea
Beveragewala: scaled well; good sales in short period; idea not sustainable

Other experience –
Meenakshi Group of Schools: set up systems; built a brand


Be it my own startup or any other company I work for, my goals are consistent. And I genuinely mean this. I believe doing ‘good work’ is important with good people around you and it doesn’t really matter whether the company is owned by you or not.

Good work would include the following for me

-     : Scaling a business

-     : Creating a market leadership position

-     : Creating a cohesive, young and vibrant team

: Creating value in and enjoying whatever I do

This may not be very comprehensive but gives an idea about who I am, what I've done so far and what I am looking to do going forward in life. Building your brand is a continuous process and hence if you guys have any feedback, would love to get it. Please mail me on

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