Leaving Your Country & Starting All Over in a New One

leaving your country and starting over

Just a month left before I move to the Netherlands for my MBA. I am very excited but at the same time am nervous as well. The thought of leaving the space where you have grown up and learnt whatever you have to move to a totally new place where you will need to establish everything from scratch is a scary one.

Moving to Netherlands really excites me for the following reasons.

A New Start – I have tried a lot of things in the past decade and have been experimenting with various things. Now I seek a new start and a new approach to me life. I am very excited to go to a new place, meet new people and start building my life and career from scratch.

Better Lifestyle – I am really forward to living in a place with less pollution, traffic and one where I can live a better and fitter lifestyle.

More Developed Country – Since Netherlands is at a more advanced stage as far as economic and social development is concerned, I feel the learning I can get living and working in such a country will be more. I am hoping to get exposed to better processes and systems I can learn from.

On the flip side, there are various anxieties I have about moving to a new country.

The ‘Outsider’ Effect – I feel that for a long time in the immediate future, I might face this. Being an immigrant, getting accepted into the local society might be a challenge.

Biases – People tend to brand other people based on their country of origin. Having an existing bias tends to affect and distort any new relationship.

Expensive – Expenses will be a big concern for me, especially till I am not engaged professionally.

Learning – Though I am excited about experiencing life there, this will be a challenge for me and will require me to learn and grasp the lifestyle and policies of a new country as fast as I can.

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