Use-Case Marketing

Since a customer is exposed to innumerable marketing messages today, it becomes very important for a marketer to send out a message which can attract the attention of the customer and retain it for some time. A good way to do this is through ‘Use-Case Marketing’.

Using different use-cases in marketing messages has the following impact:

Grabs Attention – Some use cases might be relevant for the customer and he/she might have a similar need at that point in time. Once this happens, the customer tends to read more about the product and how it can be used to satisfy the need.

Creates Startup’s Utility – Now since the customer has read the use case he/she might be interested in and how the startup can help, the customer knows what the startup can be used for.

In ever increasing competition for customer eyeballs, I feel Use-Case Marketing should be part of the marketing strategy of every business.

In fact, for Halllp, I am relying heavily on it. I have tried to develop several potential use cases for the startup and will be pushing these through different channels like Email, Social Media etc.

Some sample use-cases are given below:

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