Startup Model – Strategic Tool for Retail

THE MODEL: A platform for buyers and merchandisers which helps them use analytics to stock the right products, get the right price and be out there at the right time.

STARTUPEdited (British startup)

retail business analytics


Core Idea – An analytics platform for the retail sector.

Value Added Services – The platform provides customers the following solutions – finding the right products to keep in stock, suggesting the timing of keeping various products to ensure better sales, spotting gaps in the market, reporting on all categories and segments and hence helping in making confident and precise decisions.

No Integration – The platform is completely web based and needs no IT integration.

Large Volume of Data – The platform has data of over 300,000,000 stock SKUs and 90,000 brands. This gives the business a competitive advantage and creates a barrier for new players to enter.


Pricing – Getting customers, especially small retailers, to pay for the service upfront may be a challenge. A freemium model could be interesting in this model.

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