Startup Model – Social Network for Learning Languages

THE MODEL: The platform is the world’s largest one for language learning. It encourages collaborative learning by offering users an opportunity to learn and practice any language (out of the 12 languages offered) guided by the assistance provided by native speakers.

STARTUPBusuu (British startup)

learn languages online


Core Idea – A platform combining training and networking for learning a language.

Benefit to Users – Users can learn and practice a language using the content. Also they can connect with native speakers to improve their skills. Any user hence is a learner as well as a tutor (of his.her mother tongue).

Freemium Model – The startup offers free and paid plans to access the various language courses. Users can start using the service for free and upgrade once hooked onto it.


Competition – Online language training is emerging as an intensely competitive space. Busuu, using networking and training, is doing a good job of differentiating itself though.

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