Startup Model – Brain Games Online

THE MODEL: A brain training platform which works on improving mental well being through training based on neuroscience.  

STARTUPMemorado (German startup)

brain games online


Core Idea – A brain training gym for better mental well being.

Benefit to Users – Users are assessed on where they need to improve. Brain games are then devised and used to improve their mental well being and brain connectivity.

Research Oriented – The startup has strong ties with brain training experts and neuroscientists. Also it has now launched a “Global Cognition Initiative” where it is trying to connect neuroscientists from all over the world to create collaborative world class research on the brain.

Free Trial – Users can try the service for free with an option to upgrade to advanced paid plans.


Hidden Need – Since this is a need which is not apparent to users, get users to try out the service will be difficult.

Market Size – Since the need is hidden and a lot of customer education is required, the market size seems uncertain and limited.

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