Startup Model – Next Generation Mobile Advertising

THE MODEL: A programmatic sensory advertising platform which creates and distributes advertising messages which using mobile technologies to engage people’s senses.

STARTUPAdludio (British startup)

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Core Idea – A next generation mobile advertising platform which aims to touch people’s senses.

Benefits to Users – Businesses use sensory advertising to increase engagement and hence get a better return on advertising spend.

Mobile First Technologies – The startup uses technologies such as 3d, haptic, gyro, touch to engage customers for different brands. Some examples include Impact (using creative optimization and video enhancement), Touch (using touch to deliver messages), Swipe, Vibrate & Shake (using movements to engage customers) and 3D (for better user experience).


Competition – The Adtech space is a very competitive one with a host of startups offering different features to acquire customers.

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