Startup Model – Digital Media Advertising for Taxis

THE MODEL: A startup which offers disruptive digital media technologies for the taxi market. The startup has 2 products – ITaxitop (world’s first industrial grade LCD taxitop technology for taxi roofs) & CabWifi (world’s first industrial grade mobile public wifi device for taxis, with a unique ads-for-access user experience).

STARTUPEyetease (British startup)

taxi advertising ideas

Core Idea – A startup offering digital media advertising solutions for taxis.

Benefits to Users – Businesses can run better targeted advertisements. Targeting can be based on location, time or demographics. Ads can be customized so that they command maximum attention.

Niche- Targeting taxi advertisement allows the startup to better understand the dynamics of the market and hence gives them an opportunity to give better value to their customers.


Competition – The taxi advertisement market is a very old market which has been tried by a lot of players. Creating sustainable value will be a challenge.

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