Startup Model – Cloud Based Video Tools

THE MODEL: A cloud based platform which enables publishers to create, distribute and monetize video clips on any platform or network instantly.

STARTUPGrabyo (British startup)

cloud based video tools


Core Idea – Offering cloud based video tools to broadcasters.

Features – Publishers can use the platform to create a video clip, manage its rights, geo-fencing, hosting and editing the clip live. After creating the final clip, the platform offers sharing options to various social networks. Also monetization techniques are provided through ad platforms and social campaigns. An analytics dashboard is also provided to track these campaigns.

Integration with Apps - The startup's technology can be embedded with third party apps.

End-to-End Service – Publishers can use the platform to create, share and monetize their content. This provides a complete one stop solution for customers.


Competition – A number of apps exist which focus on different parts of the entire process.

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