Startup Model – Bringing Context to Content

THE MODEL: An app which turns any video content (movies, tv series etc.) into a window of information, discovery, conversation, community and ecommerce.

STARTUPTouchvie (Spanish startup)

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Core Idea – A platform which gives users context for the video content that they are watching.

Features – The app tells users all information and elements of the video content in real time and helps create a contextual layer which is useful for discovery and also actionable.

The Technology – The startup uses AI techniques such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning & Computer Vision to transform a video into an interactive one.

Potential Growth – By changing the way we consume videos, the startup can look at numerous revenue models going forward. Also since the startup works independently of studios, the model is scalable and not restricted by any business.


User Adoption – Since this model is looking to alter a well established human behavior, it may take time to get adopted at a mass level.

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