Startup Model – Live Online Learning Marketplace

THE MODEL: A marketplace for users to find live video sessions by experts on a host of topics. Experts can earn by offering their courses to audiences using the platform. The startup offers a service to organizations to launch their own learning platform with customized classes.

STARTUPLearnItLive (American startup)

live classes online

Core Idea – Connecting users to experts offering live video sessions.

Live Sessions – Live video sessions make the user experience better by mirroring the offline experience more closely than pre recorded videos. Also users can view the recorded sessions later if they want.

Service for Enterprises – The startup offers a live learning platform for an enterprise which can be customized and branded based on the requirements of the latter. Enterprises can manage and track their platform using a dashboard.

Free Trial Model – The startup offers a free 30 day trial for enterprises. This ensures that companies can try the service before paying to use the service.


Competition – A lot of video based online training marketplaces have opened up in the last few years. The live-sessions feature of this startup may not be able to give it a solid enough differentiation from them in the mind of a user.

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