Startup Model – Easiest Way to Send Big Files

THE MODEL: An app which lets users transfer big files, free of charge. The app is free, clean, simple and secure.

STARTUPWeTransfer (Dutch startup)

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Core Idea – An online file transferring platform for users.

Ease of Use – The service is extremely easy to use. Users can send files without registering and in very few steps.

Benefits to Users – The app has a free and a paid model. The free service lets users send files upto 2 GB. The paid model enhances this size limit to 20 GB. Also users can customize the backgrounds and urls and can password protect confidential file transfers.

Freemium Model –  The free model lets users experience the core service. For an enhanced experience, users have to upgrade to the paid plan.


Competition – There are a lot of data storage and transfer apps. This space is very competitive and differentiating is difficult.

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