Startup Model – Doing More With Your Contacts

THE MODEL: A mobile app that lets users create, organize and communicate with their contacts in ways which were not possible before. The app empowers users to do more in less time with its various features.

STARTUPInteract (American startup)


Core Idea – A platform for users to do more with their contacts in less time and with less effort.

Product Features – Users can create and manage groups with features like group management, one tap contact creation etc. They can create new contacts easily using natural language parsing. Users can contact individuals or groups with a single tap and can also share files, images and text via email and messages.

Multi Platform – The app works across the iPhone & the iPad. Also the app enables users to use their contacts with a growing list of third party apps.


Product Limitations – Currently the product has certain limitations such as not working well with older iOS devices or with very large number of contacts. Also there are certain issues with Micrsoft Exchange based accounts and Gmail contacts. The app is working to improve on these.

Market Size – Since the app is basically meant for power users, regular users may not want to pay $4.99 for it. Most regular users are satisfied with the inbuilt contacts app and may not feel the need to pay for an upgrade.

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