Revenue Model – WeChat (Voice & Messaging App)

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WeChat is a voice and text communication mobile first app. WeChat has been able to monetize much better than it’s competitors and despite having lower number of users than it’s main rival, it has generated substantially more revenue than it.


Advertising – Users can opt in to display small ads from other users. These ads are displayed below posts of the users opting in.

Why do users want to display ads – The revenue generated from advertising is shared between WeChat and these users. This is great for the users and gives them an incentive to grow their network and create better content. Also to maintain the personal space of users, ads are shown around a friend’s personal updates.

Which users can advertise – Verified users or users having more than 100,000 followers are eligible to advertise.

Others – WeChat is constantly innovating and looking to build other revenue models. Some areas being looked at include Innovative Advertising, Ecommerce, Gaming, Mobile Payments etc. 

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