Startup Model – Phone Support Made Easy

THE MODEL: A startup which offers businesses phone numbers instantly in over 40 countries. No deskphone or hardware is required. Everything is managed through an app.

STARTUPAircall (French startup)

phone system business


Core Idea – An app making phone support and collaboration easy.

Features – Users can install and setup the app in a few minutes. Local phone numbers from over 40 countries can be selected by users. Collaboration features such as call cascading across available people, shared contacts, transfer call to teammates, support ticket management and analytics are provided.

Integration- The app can be integrated with popular apps such as Slack, Hubspot, Zapier, Zoho etc.

Free Trial – Users can try the service for free for 7 days, before upgrading to paid plans.


Competition – The startup will need to compete with established players in the phone support market. These may not be app based necessarily, but have a large customer base and have been in existence for long now.

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