Startup Model – Personalised Story Books

THE MODEL: A full stack publishing startup which uses technology to create magical and personalized story books for children. The startup tries to incorporate personal elements such as name, location etc. into the story using user inputs, satellite images and other technology.

STARTUPLostMy Name (British startup)

personalised story books


Core Idea – A platform to create personalized story books.

Personalization – This ensures that the child feels a part of the book and is hence more curious and involved. The child can relate to the story better, thus creating demand for it.

Preview Before Purchase – Users can create the book online itself and see how it looks. Then they can go ahead and purchase the same. This step is able to remove the user uncertainty as to how the book will look.


Sustainability – Creating/sourcing great content is key to sustaining the business in the long term. Personalization is a great add-on and can create short term demand.

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