Startup Model – Mobile Based Brain Training

THE MODEL: A startup which combines tech, gaming, education and science to let users challenge their cognitive skills and train their brain in a healthy and fun environment.

STARTUPPeak (British startup)

brain training app


Core Idea – A brain training platform for users using a mobile phone.

The Brain Gym – Users are given brain workouts in the form of small games which they need to complete on a daily basis. This makes the app interesting and keeps its users engaged. Users can assess themselves, set goals and workout.

Training Plans – The plans are designed in collaboration with leading scientists and universities.

Freemium Model – The startup has a professional plan which is chargeable and gives users access to all training plans and features of the app.


Creating the Need – The startup is trying to create a need and lifestyle for users. With time being a scarce resource for most, acquiring new users would be a difficult task.

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