HALLLP’S JOURNEY – The Initial Marketing Plan

I have been working on testing out the prototype of Halllp. Also working out how to market is on my mind. Since I have very little money, identifying the right tool to market is crucial.

After a lot of deliberation, I feel the following may be the way to go, atleast in the very initial days.

Facebook – Student’s are on it and filtering is easy. Hence, this would be the most important tool in the early days.

Twitter & Linkedin – These networks also have a good population of students from Tilburg.

Emails – We have worked out some hacks which can be executed through emails. Getting emails of students from the college administration would be difficult though.

Offline Events – We will try to replicate the Hallp experience offline by organizing fortnightly/monthly events where buyers and sellers of products/services can come and interact, just like they do online.

Student Groups – I would be joining as many student groups and spreading the word.

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