Looking for the Perfect Startup Idea

startup ideas

The best way of finding a startup idea is through experience. Sure, you can read about different Industries and do your research and come up with an idea. However, I feel if you can experience and identify a genuine problem, you feel more confident and passionate about the idea as you are a potential customer yourself. You tend to understand this idea better.

So now that you have identified an idea, should you pursue it? I guess before deciding, you should consider the following:

Passion: Do you feel like you are extremely passionate about the idea and really believe in solving the problem you have identified. Starting a company is a long and tiring process. Passion is what can see an entrepreneur through.

Skill Set: With the passion, a entrepreneur requires skill sets to execute well. If you feel you do not have or cannot put together the skill sets required, you should hold on before deciding to jump in.

When you develop a mindset of finding and exploring new ideas, you will tend to see a lot of gaps you can potentially fill. Be very sure which one to pursue and which ones to leave. Once you jump in with an idea, there should be no looking back.

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