Dating a Startup Founder

dating a startup founder

Being a startup guy myself, I feel dating a startup founder is like dating any other person with maybe a few differences.

Giving Space – Startup guys, like me, tend to talk a lot to myself and spend a lot of time walking around pondering about how my business is doing and what I should do going forward. This space is very dear to me and helps me think.   

Sharing the Love – A startup is like a baby for its founders. You need to be open and willing to share your love with the startup as you would do if you had your own baby.

Extreme Emotions – Startup founders, especially the ones like me, tend to go through extreme emotions, feeling exhilarated when something goes right and feeling extremely low when things don’t seem to move the way you expect them to.

Time – This is one thing which is always in paucity with startup founders. You should understand this and should be ready to accept this fact to avoid disappointment and conflict later on.

Some of these factors are common with everyone and hence as I stated earlier, maybe your experience of dating a startup founder may not be as different as you fear it may be.

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