Startup Model – Video Sequences with Social Participation

THE MODEL: An app in which once a user uploads a video, his/her friend’s and others can post a reply each to the video using a photo or a video, thereby creating a sequence of videos/media which is called Tuurnt. Every user will have 24 hours to participate in a Tuurnt video with one reply each. 

STARTUPTuurnt (Canadian startup)


Core Idea – A tool for users to create memories by letting other users reply directly to a video using another video or a photo, thereby creating a truly ‘social media’. Users will no longer have to see old videos as stand-alone videos.

Time Limit – Users get 24 hours to reply to any video which goes live on the app. This creates a sense of urgency and impulse and can get users to engage with the platform, just like Snapchat did.


Competition – The app offers an experience which is very close to the ones offered by several big social networks. Getting users to download another social networking app may be difficult.

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