Startup Model – Next Generation Social Networking & Messaging Platform

THE MODEL: An app which lets users create visual messages and interact with friends and people they wish to follow. Users can create basic images from scratch as well as interactive images to solicit opinions from other users. Users can send messages privately or one-to-one, publicly across the network and also explore things and brands they wish to follow.

STARTUPYubl (British startup)


Core Idea – A social networking and messaging platform for users.

Product Features – Users can create basic and interactive images, which can be used to solicit opinions from other users. Messaging can be done privately or publicly. Also users can follow brands and users they wish to. There are other interactive features such as pointing to your current location, pointing to a location for  future meetup etc.

Clean Interface – The tool is extremely easy to use and has a clean design which accommodates all the features.


Competition – The app offers a service which is in a very competitive space. Differentiating itself and getting users to download it will be difficult.

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