Startup Model – Fashion Sizing Intelligence

THE MODEL: An algorithm which helps user choose a clothing size based on style preferences and not on body measurements. Users need to specify a brand and a size which fits them well, based on which the startup starts showing size recommendations

STARTUPEasySize (Danish startup)

fashion technology ideas


Core Idea – A clothing size recommendation tool for users.

Product Features – The tool tells a customer what size would look good on him/her. A chat bot is also provided for users who are hesitant and are about to leave the site. Recurring shoppers receive recommendations automatically.

Easy Integration – The API can be easily integrated into any website. Also it is compatible with Magento.

Benefits to Merchants – Size prediction helps increase sales and reduce returns.

Pricing – The pricing is directly based on the usage. A free trial is provided to customers.

Addressing a Big Problem – User returns are a major concern for e-tailers and impact their margins considerably. A bad fit is a big reason for returns.


Market Size – Ecommerce sites (especially the bigger ones) can build a tool like this one in-house and can save the recurring monthly expenses. Hence this startup can probably sell to the niche and smaller ecommerce sites. The only advantage of EasySize for a big ecommerce player is that the former has more data to analyse (from all its customers) and hence will be a better recommendation engine.

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