Growth Hack - Social Proofing

social proofing

Using social proofing is a good way to build trust and increase your customer conversion rate. Social proofing basically means showing potential users positive feedback about your business from people who have used your service before.

Every potential user has to overcome certain obstacles before using the service. One big obstacle is trust about the platform and company in general. This obstacle can be overcome using social proofing.

Even in daily life, we tend to get a social proof before doing a lot of things. We check Yelp reviews before deciding a restaurant, we check IMDB before watching a movie and so on. The same holds when dealing with a business.

social proof marketing strategy

Some ways of social proofing your business are the following.

Customer Testimonials – Getting customers to write or record testimonials about the experience they had with the service goes a long way in building comfort for potential customers.

Coverage – The more a startup is covered, the more the trust which gets associated with it. Coverage includes getting releases in various online and offline media like newspapers, blogs etc.

Client List – This holds for B2B startups. Writing the names of some of your prominent clients proves that your business is valuable to and capable of dealing with them.

Case Studies – Case studies are like use cases which help a customer understand your service and its value better and also feel comfortable because of the fact that it has been done before.

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