Startup Model - Hyperlocal Non-Conventional Advertising

The Model: Building an online marketplace for non conventional ad-spaces. Some examples would be gyms, schools, restaurants, spas, PGs, hotels etc. Advertisers would get to search for the best, most suitable options where they can advertise. Space owners will get better visibility for the spaces they own.

Startup Doing ItPaintads (India)

What I Like:

Core Idea – There clearly exists a need for this kind of a discovery cum booking platform. The aim is to get advertisers the best ‘Return on Advertising Spend’. Also space owners will get a place to exhibit and promote the spaces they own.

Market Exists, No Awareness – Non-conventional advertising has not been able to create a place for itself in the advertising budgets of companies.

Scalable – The aim should be to create a marketplace, where sellers and buyers engage with each other on the platform. Using this model, the business can scale well.

Low Competition – There are hardly any players operating in this space.

My Concerns:

How Big is the Market – Since there are no official figures of the size of the market, how big it is and can be is a question which is unanswered (although it looks big enough on the face of it). 

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