Growth Hack – Keep Investing in the Product

Investment of time and money into the product should be continuous. Entrepreneurs tend to make a product ad focus their entire effort on marketing it. Continuous innovation and changes in the product are important in driving growth.
Twitter launched in 2006 and got a very good response at the outset itself. It got a lot of early traction and coverage early on. However, going forward, it was noticed that a lot of users were creating accounts and not logging in again thereafter. Instead of going the regular route of sending promotional mails and incentivising users to return, Twitter decided to analyse what may be going wrong. They realized that if a user were to follow atleast 5-10 users initially itself, the chances of the user returning were much higher. Twitter decided to invest in it’s user experience and made tweaks in order to show it’s users the true value of it, which stems from user interaction, and favorable results followed.

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