Startup Model – Data Visualization

The Model: A platform where users can create interactive and beautiful web pages to display data and information. This model is based on the proverb ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Using simple and easy to use tools, users can create ‘silks’ for representing information, which would normally be displayed in a word document or pdf.

Startup Doing ItSilk (Dutch startup)

What I Like:

Core Idea – Data representation tools present a good opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. With a reduced attention span of readers, data visualization is a focus area to generate new opportunities.

Ease of Use & Good Representation of Data - These are the 2 factors which are instrumental in ensuring user retention in this space.

Scalable – Since the product is a self usage tool, scaling potential is great.

Revenue Model – Freemium model, with a price for upgrading to a business account (having more allowed usage and features).

Full Featured API – Developers can build an application on top of Skill data, which increases usage and acceptability of the product.

My Concerns:

Competitive – This space is seeing a lot of traction in the last few years. Competition would include any data visualization startup including presentation creation and sharing websites.

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