The Biggest Loss of Being an Entrepreneur

negatives of being an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a very exciting journey. It teaches one a lot and personally, it helped me develop an understanding of business which I probably could not have in the same period of time if I was doing something else. Having said this, once their companies fail, entrepreneurs do face a lot of challenges and losses. Other than the monetary and time losses, the biggest loss of being an entrepreneur is that you tend to have developed no specialized skills which can earn you a living going forward in your life. If you decide not to startup, getting a job becomes a task.

I am facing this very predicament now. My startups have taught me about running a business as a whole and some things about each and every part of the business. However, now that I am looking for a corporate career, I realize that I have no specialized skills which can make me easily employable. I am having to identify one aspect of business which I feel has potential and which interests me and am reading up on it, so as to ensure that I can master some skill which can improve my chances of getting a desired job in the near future.

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