Stay-at-Home Budding Entrepreneurs

stay at home entrepreneur

I see a lot of people who want to start some business but are not able to owing to some obstacle or the other. For instance, in India, a lot of societies are still not open to women going outside the house and working. Also a lot of women cannot go out to work because they have new-borns to raise.I believe if a person really wants to do something, he/she can find a way of working around these issues.

Look Internally- Look at your daily routine and see if there is something you are doing well, which can be done within what you are allowed to do. For instance, if you cook really well and cannot leave the house because of some problem, why not start a catering business from home. A mother who has raised children can advise other mommies on the best practices and so on.

Identify & Build Skill Sets – If you cannot identify any skill set which can be monetized, build on some. Figure out what you like doing and start reading and learning more about it. Once you feel more confident, work out a business model wherein you can work comfortably within the limitations you have.

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