Startup Model – Providing Key Insights from Non-Fiction Books

THE MODEL: A startup which takes non-fiction books and creates blinks, which are basically 15 minute reads highlighting the main concepts.

STARTUPBlinkist (German startup)



Core Idea – A platform which provides users with bite sized reads highlighting the main concepts of non-fiction books.

Benefit to Users – Now users can learn from books without having to invest a lot of time in reading them.

Networking Aspect – Users can connect with friends to see what they are reading and highlighting. This further creates user stickiness.

Free Trial – Users can try the service for free for 3 days. This reduces the barrier for users to try out the service and can upgrade if they see value in it.

Non-Fiction Books – Fiction books and storybooks are read more for the love of reading. Non-fiction, on the other hand, are primarily read for the learning we can derive from them. This model, hence, is more suitable for non-fiction books.

Integration - The app is integrated with popular apps which are being used for reading and collaborating. Users can send their reads to Kindle and read them there. Also users can save any interesting snippets and sync them to Evernote.

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