Startup Model – The Global Wifi Network

THE MODEL: A unique crowdsourcing approach to wifi where users can find ‘Fon spots’ and connect to the internet. Also users can share their extra bandwidth, which makes these spots available.

STARTUPFon (Spanish startup)

wifi crowdsourcing


Core Idea – A wifi crowdsourcing concept making access easily available in different locations.

Access Pass or Subscription Model – Users can purchase internet access either on a per usage basis or can subscribe on the Fon mobile app for unlimited usage.

Partnership with Local Telecom Vendors – The startup has partnered with various telecom vendors in different countries. This gives the startup a wider reach and regular usage. The telecom vendors, in return, can offer their users a wider internet coverage.

Customized Plans – The startup also offers business users customized packages based on their business needs.


Competition – Other wifi crowdsourcing startups as well as telecom companies will be competition for the startup.

Usage – Crowdsourcing will be useful mostly in the case of roaming. Reduced charges and access in remote areas seem to be the core benefits to a user. Owing to the big telecom companies, how much of this pie the startup can capture is a concern. Going the B2B route, i.e. tying up with telecom companies, seems a good option for the startup.

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