Startup Model – Accessing Digital Content While Messaging

THE MODEL: A startup which lets users access and share their digital content like photos, documents, calendar etc. while messaging, without having to switch apps.

STARTUPThingthing (British startup)

messaging apps


Core Idea – A smart messaging tool where users can access all their digital content.

Features – Users can access their important files while messaging without having to switch apps. Also the app offers smart text auto correction, prediction and editing features which makes the user experience great.

Integration- The app can be integrated with most popular social networks and file sharing websites such as Facebook, Instagram, your Camera Roll, Dropbox, Google Drive, Calendar and so on. This ensures that the user need not switch to any other app to share any of his/her digital content.


Competition – The startup competes with other messaging apps. Messaging is a space which has some very big players and making an inroad will be difficult. Also these players have a very strong user base and can build these features, if not protected by IP.

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