Entrepreneurship Sees No Age or Qualifications

age of entrepreneurs

Unlike a lot of other career paths, entrepreneurship is one which sees no age or qualification. No matter what your age is, your stage in life is or what you have done previously, if you get an idea, are passionate about it and feel you can execute it well, you jump right in.

A lot of school and college students feel anxious about starting a business. Starting out early has its advantages.

No Responsibilities: At an early age, you responsibilities tend to be lower. You can focus more on your business without having to worry about other things.

Energy Levels: The younger you are, the higher the energy levels and zest.

No Experience: Experience is the most important asset of a person. However, having experience has a flip side as well. Having experience can tend to slow you down at times as you become very cautious of not repeating mistakes you may have made in the past.

Team Building: At an early age, you can convince your friends, especially, to join as they themselves are deciding what to do and may have finalised a career path for themselves.

At the other end, starting out late in life is also advisable and has many advantages.

Experience: As mentioned above as well, experience is the biggest asset of a person. It helps you avoid mistakes you have made earlier and helps in finding the best ways of doing different things.

Network: Older people have stronger networks which they can use in their business. This network can consist of social and professional contacts they have made in their lifetime. This helps them organize things faster, get more people together in a shorter time, get introductions to investors, CEOs etc. and so on.

Lower Responsibilities: Again as you become older, your responsibilities tend to become lower as your children are grown up, your basics tend to be sorted and hence you can spend more time and energy on your business.

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