Startup Model – Social Alarm Clock

THE MODEL: A platform for users to set alarms and reminders and share with friends and family. Users can add pictures and videos to the alarms. Also users are rewarded points for shutting off alarms faster.

STARTUPCuckuu (Portuguese startup)

social alarm app


Core Idea – Making a dreaded alarm into a social adventure.

Focus – The startup focuses on solving a simple and focused problem – making alarms and reminders more useful and fun.

Product Features – Users can create appealing alarms using pictures and videos. Adding sharing with friends adds the social networking angle to the service. The app is available on the Apple watch as well.

Understanding of User Behavior – Alarms are mostly set by groups of people and not individuals. Be it for waking in the morning, attending a party, catching up for a sport etc., generally friends/family members tend to set a reminder together and Cuckuu is able to help users do just that.


Revenue – The app is free of charge for users. Though it focuses on a recurring need and has witnessed healthy user engagement, building a revenue model will be difficult for the startup.

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