Startup Model – Intuitive To-Do List

THE MODEL: An app which lets user organize any list of tasks into priorities, events and accomplishments. The app collects tasks from your notes, emails and docs, thereby allowing you to compare and prioritize them.

STARTUPSwipe (Bulgarian startup)

to do list app


Core Idea – A intuitive to do list which helps users compare and prioritize tasks.

Benefits to Users – Extracting data from different sources into one app simplifies the user’s experience and ensures that all pieces of any project connect in a single workspace.

Evernote Integration – Swipe has a 2 ay sync with Evernote. Any note on Evernote can be converted into a task. All checkmarks on the note are automatically converted into action steps in a task. Also all changes on Swipe are marked in the note as well.


Competition – A billion to-do apps exist in the market. Though Swipe offers an app different from the rest, getting customers to shift from the app they are using currently is going to be difficult.

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