Startup Model – Experiencing your Dream Job

THE MODEL: A platform for users to live their dream jobs for a short period without having to leave their current jobs. Users (hosts) can offer ‘descapes’ for a fee based on the professional skills they possess. Other users can apply to be part of a descape and are connected to the hosts through the platform. Descapes are basically trips around activities which from a jungle safari, video shooting, wine making, photography etc.

STARTUPDescape (German startup)

online travel business model

Core Idea – Travel options around activities are becoming increasingly popular. Also it gives users an experience of an activity which they want to pursue full time.

Benefits to Users – Hosts can get money for the skills they possess. Professionals can experience different activities and also network with other professionals having similar interests.

Use Case – The use base built around self realization is a great. A lot of professionals are not happy with what they do and this service offers them a chance to pursue an alternate career for a short period before taking the final call.


Competition – Selling new and exciting experiences is the new trend in travel. A lot of startups and existing businesses are entering this space.

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