Startup Model – Connecting Job Seekers to Jobs

THE MODEL: An app which connects users to jobs based on their skill sets and interest areas. Users can get recommendation from their network.

STARTUPCutShort (Indian startup)

online job search sites


Core Idea – A platform for users to connect to jobs of interest.

Ease of Use – The service is extremely easy to use. Users need o create a detailed profile initially detailing their interest areas. The platform then connects the users to jobs which may be of interest to them.

Linkedin Integration – Connecting to Linkedin ensures that the user does not have to enter basic details again. Also it helps in using the existing network of users rather than them having to build a network again.

Freemium Model – The app offers a free service which is complemented with a paid upgrade once the user gets hooked onto the service.


Differentiation – The app could not present a very clear differentiator from Linkedin. The focus of this startup is to connect users to the right jobs. This focus needs to be highlighted clearly through the user interface and features.

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