Startup Model – A Cloud-Based, Pocket-Sized Social Computer

THE MODEL: A pocket sized computer with a cloud based operating system, an intuitive user interface and a unique subscription model. The computer can be used as a stand-alone portable device and can also be connected to a screen and a keyboard to get the full desktop experience.

STARTUPSolu (Finnish startup)

solu computer


Core Idea – A pocket sized computer with a cloud based OS.

Product Features – The interface allows users to organize their projects using simple gestures. The OS runs on the Solu cloud, thereby eliminating the hassle of maintenance and backups.

Subscription Model – Users get unlimited access to apps for a monthly subscription fee. App developers get paid for app usage.

Design – The product’s design is intuitive and minimalistic and is carved out of real wood.

Security – All data on the cloud is encrypted and kept in protected locations to maintain a high level of privacy.


Customer Acquisition – Since users currently use laptops and now also mobile phones for their computing needs on the go, getting them to carry another product seems like a difficult task. Also replacing these devices with a Solu will be an uphill task. Some strong use cases will be need to be defined and highlighted by the startup to potential users.

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