Startup Model – Interactive Workouts & Customized Nutrition Plans App

THE MODEL: An app where users can get information about customized workouts, adapted to any goals they have. Also customized nutrition plans are provided. Users can track their progress on the app itself and can also get one-to-one coaching from personal trainers (paid service).

STARTUP8Fit (Spanish startup)

fitness apps


Core Idea – DIY app, giving information on workouts and nutrition.

Ease of Use – The user can get all information on the app itself. The details are presented in a very clear and formatted interface.


Revenue – How many users will take the paid service of getting one-to-one coaching is something I am wary of. Maybe once a user is very comfortable with the app will he/she convert, but what that ratio would be I am not too sure. Other revenue models will need to be added to keep this app going in the long run.

Competition – There are many apps offering similar services to users. 

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