Hiring Challenges

Here are some quotes from leading entrepreneurs on the challenges they faced in hiring for their startups.

Greg Isenberg, Founder& CEO, 5by (now acquired by Stumble Upon)
Joining a startup is a rollercoaster and most people know it. Most people want to go to their 9-5 and forget about work when it’s over. Finding startup employees are a rarity and they have to be willing to work long hours and get paid less than market rates.”

Steve Hoffman, Cofounder, Founders Space
I always tell my startups not to feel rushed. Don’t hire someone just because you desperately need to fill the position. Take a deep breath and wait until you find the right person, even if it means slowing everything down.”

Don Glacy, Founder & Principal, Omnific
“We hire attitude and train for everything else. We have built the company on superior service that requires a great culture. Our biggest challenge is maintaining our culture as we grow and hire new personalities at an increasingly faster pace.”

Baochi Nguyen, CEO, Social Canny
“Finding A-player employees takes time and patience. I’ve made mistakes because I hired too quickly and below my standards. But everytime I’ve kept interviewing (seemingly forever), I’ve hired great people that I will recruit/refer for the rest of my career.”

Jason Wang, Founder & CEO, TryCaviar
“The biggest challenge is finding someone with the right cultural fit. Many candidates look great on paper and do well in interviews, but can they buckle down and accomplish great things with the team?” 

(article taken from eazyhire.in)

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